Quick, Simple & Responsible

There’s a lot of products! Before submitting another one, please search to check it’s not already there. 

Now fill in the form with as much detail as possible and add a picture if you can (please!). Then, just press Go!

Have a rummage in your cupboards, run another search, fill another form. You’re flying now! 

PS. Lot’s of products? Cool! Batch listings coming soon!

1. Do we already have it?

Filter by Post Type
Filter by Categories

Search by Product, Retailer or Manufacturer e.g. Coca ColaAsdaHaribo

2. No? OK, add it then!

Ok, so you have a product that we don’t already have in the database? That’s really cool.

Product name – Something like ‘Cherry Coke’. Using this example, please don’t add terms such as ‘Coca Cola’. That info goes into the ‘manufacturer’ field.

By separating these details we can all manner of nerdy things with the data! 

Labels – Fairly self-explanatory. Choose the labels that are displayed on the reverse of the product ‘e.g. Bag – Not Currently Recycled’

Manufacturer – Again, simple, just choose who it is made by. If they are not on the dropdown list, type your own into the box and hit enter to add them.

Product Type – Select the category that you think is most appropriate to the product. Start by typing something generic like ‘Drink’ and the form will narrow down your options. 

Add Image – Take a picture. Preferably with a plain/simple background. 

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