What is Not Currently Recycled?

We are an independent group wanting to see the amount of packaging the UK produces, reduced. We also desire all packaging that is deemed necessary to become more recyclable (& reusable). 

The Concept

We want to build a catalogue of products, in fact, ALL of them. We’ll collect information on which products have which WRAP labels, which labels they have, which materials they use, who made it, sold it and so on. In building this catalogue we will be able to search and filter to statistics by product, industry, manufacturer and more. 

Once we can do this, we will be able to see those who perform brilliantly. And which don’t.

What will you do with the catalogue?

Our aim is not to undermine or damage the WRAP system. More it is intended to enable users to recognise which products are performing well and also we hope, as a result of it’s public visibility, encourage producers, manufacturers and retail outlets to produce and/or stock these same products. 

Quite simply, in todays world, nobody wants to be seen to be promoting, selling or producing products that are environmentally ‘bad’. Whilst it could be hoped that the good will of each and every human could be relied upon to push this ideal forward, in reality it often just doesn’t happen that way. It certainly never happens quickly.

If we can manage increase the UK’s (and beyond if possible!) drive to reduce waste, increase the recyclability and/or reuse of packaging – even just a little bit – we will be happy. Not satisfied, but happy.

I like the plan. How do I help?

The first thing we ask you to do is add products. This isn’t a witch hunt and we’re not looking to shame anyone. Feel free to add products that are the best that you can find. Having a bad day – well then add some of worst performers you can find!

Secondly, tell people about this project. Chat to your friends, message your family, post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter. Just tell people. Anyone who’ll listen!